Че, Гевара?
Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!
Фанмикс по "Кармилле". На обложке использованы фото Тамсин Мерчант и Софи Тернер.

1. Clint Mansell - Together We Will Live Forever

2. The Pretty Reckless - Make Me Wanna Die
You make me wanna die
I'll never be good enough
You make me wanna die
And everything you love will burn up in the light
Every time I look inside your eyes
Make me wanna die!

3. Lordi - Babez for Breakfast
Never caught off guard
Never let them see behind the mask at all, no
I keep it up, I'm hard
The icon must never ever fall

4. Wolf - Don`t Fear The Reaper
Come on baby...
Don't fear the Reaper
Baby take my hand...

5. Good Charlotte - Victims Of Love
Now you've back tracked, you're running away
'cause it just happened again and you just want it to end
You're trying your best not to let yourself go cold, so cold.
Now you think about the things you thought you wanted to say
But when you open up your mouth it don't come out that way

6. Lordi - Would You Love A Monsterman
Yeah I would be there waking up the dead to get a thrill
I say yeah – I say yeah

Would you love a monsterman
Could you understand beauty of beast
I would do it all for you, would you do it all
Do it all for me

7. CJ STone & Tamara Rhodes - Live Forever
Who wants to live forever,
Who wants to stop the sun,
Who wants to live forever,
It’s you. It’s me
It’s in our blood.

8. Fright Ranger - Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire
Sexy vampire
I'm falling in love with you
So do what you want to do

9. Madonna (feat. Lil Wayne) - Revolver
My love's a revolver
My sex is a killer
Do you wanna die happy?

10. Rihanna - S&M (Dave AudВ Radio Remix)
Love is great
Love is fine
Out the box
Out of line
The affliction of the feeling
Leaves me wanting more

11. Lana Del Rey - Dark Paradise

12. Queen - Who Wants To Live Forever
Who wants to live forever?
Who dares to live forever?
Oh, when love must die!



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